The Story born of the Father and the Spirit


John 1:1-14

Right from the beginning, there was the Story. And the story was very near to God. God was the Story. 2 This Story was so close to God at the start. 3 Everything was made in it, and nothing that came into being was made without its intervention. 4 In this Story was Life, and the Life was the Light for human beings. 5 And the Light beamed upon the darkness, and the darkness could not blot it out.

6 Along came a man sent from God called John. 7 This man came as a witness, to bear witness about the Light, so that everyone might believe through him. 8 This man was not the Light, but he came to bear witness respecting the Light. 9 The Light dawning on the universe was utterly trustworthy. It beams into the life of all humanity. 10 It was in the universe, and the universe was made in it, and the universe did not recognise it. 11 He came to his own family, but his own family did not take him in. 12 To those who did take him in he gave the right to become God’s children. That is, those who believed in his name 13 were born not by physical reproduction nor by sexual desire nor by the stubborn choice of man. Rather, they originated from God.

14 So the Story came to life and circulated among us, and we gazed upon its majesty, the majesty of the Father’s only Son, overflowing with charm and integrity.


The word “Logos”, often translated as “Word”, is also often translated as Story. In my translation I use this meaning and try to follow the image through.


Questions for reflection or group discussion.

Have you ever felt angry because someone has rejected someone’s love – and placed obstacles in their path?

How does Jesus live in your life? How do you experience incarnation today?

Tell the story of a time you have felt the connection between the present and the eternal future.

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