Create Your Own

Choose a story from the Bible that has some energy and interest for you. Read it through in two or three different translations. Look at the chapters immediately before and after, and try to locate the context of your chosen story.


Identify the main character, or a character in the story who appeals to you. Ask yourself what feelings the character experienced before the story, during the story and after the story.


Then re-write the story in the first person, as if you were the character you have chosen to identify with. As you write the story as if you were the person, try to capture some of the excitement or the terror of the way God was working in your life.


Decide how best to present the story to a particular audience you have in mind.


The point of “writing your own Bible story” is this: Stories in general, and Bible stories in particular, tell us about ourselves. There is a real sense in which stories from the past are our stories.


Ted Witham

July 2000


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