The Story born of the Father and the Spirit


John 1:1-14

Right from the beginning, there was the Story. And the story was very near to God. God was the Story. 2 This Story was so close to God at the start. 3 Everything was made in it, and nothing that came into being was made without its intervention. 4 In this Story was Life, and the Life was the Light for human beings. 5 And the Light beamed upon the darkness, and the darkness could not blot it out.

6 Along came a man sent from God called John. 7 This man came as a witness, to bear witness about the Light, so that everyone might believe through him. 8 This man was not the Light, but he came to bear witness respecting the Light. 9 The Light dawning on the universe was utterly trustworthy. It beams into the life of all humanity. 10 It was in the universe, and the universe was made in it, and the universe did not recognise it. 11 He came to his own family, but his own family did not take him in. 12 To those who did take him in he gave the right to become God’s children. That is, those who believed in his name 13 were born not by physical reproduction nor by sexual desire nor by the stubborn choice of man. Rather, they originated from God.

14 So the Story came to life and circulated among us, and we gazed upon its majesty, the majesty of the Father’s only Son, overflowing with charm and integrity.


The word “Logos”, often translated as “Word”, is also often translated as Story. In my translation I use this meaning and try to follow the image through.


Questions for reflection or group discussion.

Have you ever felt angry because someone has rejected someone’s love – and placed obstacles in their path?

How does Jesus live in your life? How do you experience incarnation today?

Tell the story of a time you have felt the connection between the present and the eternal future.

The Wisdom of the Craftswoman

The craftswoman sat still in solitary joy for the whole of eternity. All at once, a fire ball shot from her mouth, so intense in its brightness and heat that all the angels and archangels turned their heads and covered their eyes.

The fire ball expanded with great power and energy. As it expanded, it was preceded by unseen waves of a fluid that went before the exploding fire ball and sucked everything in.

The craftswoman, seeking to bring order to this wild energy, crafted from a material so strong, so light and almost invisible, a force field that she placed in front of the sucking waves. It bent the waves so that they went around it, creating a small safe spot, like a cave near the rocky caves high above the swelling waves, or like when you crook your two hands to protect a delicate flower as the rain is pelting down.

In the lee of the little force field the power of the sucking waves was reduced enough so that dry could be sorted out from wet, and there were some boundaries and delimitations.

The craftswoman adjusted the strong material of her barrier so that the enormous light and heat of the fire ball filtered through to the rich volcanic soil and the water teeming with nutrition.

And this little life capsule was really good.

She bent down and made some plants, trees, and grass, and stunningly beautiful flowering bushes. Into each she placed seed pods with a message that would carry each kind through its long journey through time.

And these plants were really good.

Next the craftswoman fashioned living things that ran and jumped, that flew and crept along the earth, that swam in the seas and climbed in the trees. And into each of these she placed her special seed pods with the messages to take them through time.

And these living animals were really good.

Next the wise craftswoman knelt down and formed two tiny creatures … tiny compared even to the little life-capsule and minuscule in comparison with the vast universe of the fire-ball and the waves of unseen fluid .. two tiny creatures, who ran, and also carried the special seed pod. Onto these two creatures, she placed the whole burden of her destiny.

And these two creatures were really very good.

And the craftswoman sat backed and wondered throughout the whole of time whether she would end up sitting in solitary joy, but shot through with pain of loneliness, or whether she might just end up surrounded with the love of her tiny creatures who carried her destiny in them.


Click here to read the translation which inspired this story.


Questions for reflection or group discussion.


Have you ever encountered the energy of the wise craftswoman? Where? And what difference did it make to your life?


¨How do you celebrate your own creation? What do you celebrate on your birthday? What gift can you make to God simply because you are here in this life capsule?


Genesis 1 is a poem. Write a poem, or paint a picture, or caress some clay to join in the creativity of the wise craftswoman.